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Join Burny Games — a Ukrainian company that creates mobile puzzle games. Our mission is to create top-notch innovative games to challenge players' minds daily.

What makes us proud?

  • In just two years, we've launched two successful mobile games worldwide: Playdoku and Colorwood Sort. We have paused some projects to focus on making our games better and helping our team improve.

  • Our games have been enjoyed by over 8 million players worldwide, and we keep attracting more players.

  • We've created a culture where we make decisions based on data, which helps us grow every month.

  • We believe in keeping things simple, focusing on creativity, and always searching for new and effective solutions.

What are you working on?
  • The name of the project(s): Playdoku, Colorwood Sort
  • Genres: Puzzle, Casual, Hyper-casual
  • Platforms: Mobile
Team size and structure?


For which tasks (responsibilities)?
  • Collaborate on the development of competitive games in the casual genre.

  • Create comprehensive project documentation to manage the game development process.

  • Develop engaging gameplay systems, mechanics, and core loops that will attract our target audience.

  • Balance the in-game economy to ensure enjoyment and a fair player experience.

  • Utilize player data analysis to identify areas for improvement and enhance product metrics.

What kind of professional are we looking for?
  • Deep understanding of game mechanics: knowledge of how various game elements interact with each other and how it impacts the gameplay experience.

  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills: analyzing game systems, identifying potential issues, and devising solutions to enhance the gaming experience.

  • Project management skills: ability to plan, organize, and lead a team to achieve set goals within specified deadlines.

  • Communication skills and teamwork: effective collaboration with other team members, including programmers, artists, sound designers, and project managers.

  • User testing and feedback experience: ability to collect and analyse feedback from players to improve the gaming process.

  • Creativity and innovative approach: generating unique ideas and solutions that can elevate the gaming experience to a new level.

  • Understanding of target audience and gaming market: analyzing players' needs and interests, studying competitors, and market trends.

  • Adaptability and flexibility: ability to quickly adapt to changes in the project or market conditions.

Why do we enjoy working here?
  • 100% payment of vacations and sick leave [20 days vacation, 22 days sick leave], medical insurance.

  • A team of the best professionals in the games industry.

  • Flexible schedule [start of work from 8 to 11, 8 hours/day].

  • L&D center with courses.

  • Self-learning library, access to paid courses.

  • Stable payments.

The selection process

CV review → Interview with talent acquisition manager → Interview with hiring manager → Test task → Interview with CEO → Job offer.

If you share our goals and values and are eager to join a team of dedicated professionals, we invite you to take the next step.

Burny Games

Company type: product

Employees: 11-50

Platforms: Mobile, Social, iOS, Android

Genres: Puzzle, Casual

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