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CSGORoll, a gamified skins platform, is the market leader in the industry with over 1 million active users. Currently serving North America and Europe, this platform aims to expand to non-English markets as well, bringing a unique gamified experience to users around the world. First launched in 2016, CSGORoll went through a rocket ship growth since the announcement of the CS2 game. The revenue has soared to new heights, surpassing our current headcount. Up until now, we have been relying on intuition alone, without data. Shocking, right? Now, it's time to take things up a notch. Picture this: improved operational procedures, visionary senior leadership, venturing into new non-English speaking markets, cutting-edge product development, turbocharged SEO, and eye-catching paid ads. We welcome you, a skilled professional to bring your skills to the table and bring the company into a whole new league with us!

For which tasks (responsibilities)?

🚀 For the first 30 days as a Senior Business Analyst you will:

  • Start your journey by deep-diving into our business and familiarizing yourself with our business model, product, and data landscape.

  • Boost your data curiosity not just by understanding our existing key metrics, but by analyzing the opportunity for developing new ones to enhance our insights.

  • Establish and proactively engage in communication with key stakeholders, particularly product and marketing teams to gain insights into advertising performance, costs, retention rates, churn patterns, and other important data.

Later on, we’ll expect you to:

  • Continue conducting comprehensive analysis of internal data sources to extract meaningful insights and trends.

  • Develop and maintain dashboards or reports to track and visualize key platform metrics, including user activity, engagement, conversion rates, and financial performance.

  • Identify trends, patterns, and anomalies in the data to provide recommendations for improving platform efficiency, user experience, and monetization.

  • Conduct A/B testing or experimentation to evaluate the impact of platform changes and enhancements on user behavior and platform performance.

  • Monitor and analyze business performance metrics, identifying areas of improvement and opportunities for growth.

  • Maintain collaboration with stakeholders from different departments (marketing, finance, operations) to understand their business and data needs and provide support for decision-making.

  • Communicate findings and insights to stakeholders in clear and concise reports, presentations, or data visualizations.

  • Guide and mentor junior analysts, fostering continuous learning and development within the team.

What kind of professional are we looking for?
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Business, Economics, Computer Science, or a related field.

  • At least 7 years of experience in Data Analysis and/or Business Intelligence related roles, preferably within the iGaming industry.

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to extract actionable insights from complex datasets.

  • Proven expertise in product data and business analysis, characterized by a keen focus on comprehending organizational requirements and establishing sophisticated data analysis frameworks to furnish actionable insights.

  • Highly autonomous approach to work with the capacity to independently oversee and manage responsibilities.

  • Proficiency in data visualization tools (such as Tableau).

  • Excellent communication skills to effectively convey insights to stakeholders from different departments.

Why do we enjoy working here?
  • Flexibility Policy – It's about giving you the freedom to structure your workday in a way that best suits your lifestyle and responsibilities outside of work

  • Work-from-anywhere Policy – you have the chance to work from anywhere in the world, we are a remote-first company and we are proud of it!

  • Every year for our team-building we choose a location and go there to celebrate our achievements together

  • A dedicated budget to purchase all the equipment you need to set up your home office

  • L&D budget for you to develop your skills!

  • Spill Mental Health Service – full access to counseling for any employees who need it

  • Innovative, fun, flat structured rapidly growing company with endless opportunities to grow

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